5 steps to digital campaign success


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5 steps to digital campaign success

Are you struggling to deliver results with your online marketing campaigns? Don’t give up just yet.

Running successful digital and social media marketing campaigns can take a lot of time and effort (and can be quite mind boggling at times even for the experts!). All that effort however can definitely pay off in the end, effectively generating new leads and creating a strong online presence for your products and services.

To help you along the digital marketing journey, we’re sharing our 5 steps to achieving digital campaign success.

Step 1: Have a clear plan
Why are you wanting to run the campaign? How does it fit into your overall business plan? What are you trying to achieve? And how much do you want to invest? When you have a clear direction for your campaign up front, steps 2 – 4 will fall into place much easier, ensuring your campaign delivers the results you need to achieve.

Step 2: Know your audience
Before you launch any marketing campaign you need to have a good understanding of who it is you are trying to talk to and what makes them tick. Once you know who it is you are targeting, you can then work out what online platforms are best suited to reach your audience – Is it AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, digital display ads or any one the many online channels?

Step 3: Content that drives action
Whether your campaign is running on social media, AdWords, or through online advertising, your campaign content needs to connect with the target audience. It needs to present the user with the solution to a problem they have and build a strong call to action compelling them to take the next step. Think about the customer journey and what is going to attract the audience you are talking to.

Step 4: Landing pages that convert
Once the potential customer clicks on your ad, are they taken to a webpage that drives a strong call-to-action? By creating a specific landing page for the campaign, you are directly addressing the customer’s needs. Great landing pages are designed to give the customer what they want (and expect) and drive the conversion home.

Step 5: Don’t just set and forget
One of the biggest mistakes often made is launching a campaign and then thinking that’s it, I’m done. Launching the campaign is far from the end, you can’t just set and forget. To get the best results, its essential to continually evaluate and make incremental improvements throughout your digital campaign. Once the campaign has ended, analyse the results (and failures!) to help you develop an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, so you can apply these learnings to your next campaign.


If you are still not sure where to start, what platforms are best for your business, or you would like some help on developing engaging content to get the best return on investment from your next digital campaign, contact the experienced team at dms CREATiVE.

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