4 tips to help you review your website!


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4 tips to help you review your website!

In challenging times that encourage social distancing and staying home, your website is going to be the first interaction a potential customer has with you.

Your clients are stuck at home, spending more and more time online, is your website equipped to give your clients an accurate impression of your business? Let’s see!

We’ve created 4 easy tips that you can use to critically review your website.

Tip 1: Navigation. Pretend you’re a new user.

Is your website easy to navigate? Pretend like you’ve never been on your website before. Is it easy to use? Can you find what you need easily? 

Tip 2: Visuals. You eat with your eyes!

Although your customers won’t be eating your website… they will be consuming and understanding your products and services by the way they are visually displayed online. Is this bringing to mind that blurry photo on your website, maybe that bad image gallery or maybe the lack of visual communication on your website.

Tip 3: Purposeful Content.

Is the content on your website intentional? Purposeful? Go a step further back, does your website accurately reflect your current products and services?

Tip 4: Responsiveness.

Is your website responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop? Your website should be responsive across all platforms to help ensure you can effectively capture and communicate to your website visitors.

And lastly, imagine this, a new client walks into your store, you’re dressed in a suit but the shirt is untucked, your shoes are not polished, you forgot to comb your hair, or brush your teeth! You give the client some random corny welcome message that makes them feel a little confused. Surprisingly, the client stays and asks you some questions about your service, you start telling them about the old services you used to offer and then proceed to show them some old brochures. The client storms out of your store, never to be seen again. Don’t let this be the kind of experience your customer has with your business online. Give your potential clients an accurate, excellent experience online, set your business up for a win.

How do you feel about your website after your review?

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