Top 3 marketing tips courtesy of Game of Thrones


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Top 3 marketing tips courtesy of Game of Thrones

It’s the end of an era. Maybe nothing would have lived up to the expectations. But the final season has been shown, the curtain has been called and the 8-season fantasy show has come to an end. Here’s a few marketing tips we learnt from Game of Thrones….


1. Don’t rush the journey

No one likes a crammed final season full of unclosed gaps. True fans like succinct information that is cleverly constructed with appropriate time allocated to process the information, allowing them to travel the journey. Numerous Game of Thrones fans reported that the last season was incredibly rushed, and the full journey of Bran’s rise to power wasn’t appropriately explained to them.

Take a minute to think about your marketing strategy, are you taking your customers along the journey at a comfortable speed? A comfortable speed allows them to understand what product / services you offer and what the best choice is for them. Don’t rush your customers along the journey. 


2. Take your audience on the journey and close the gaps

Fans felt like there were a lot of unanswered questions in the final season. What took 7 seasons of build-up was wrapped up in a handful of episodes.  This was a lot for fans to process, leaving some feeling bewildered and uneasy at the end. Not so surprisingly, customers don’t like loose ends, unanswered questions or unclosed gaps; they want consistent and smart journeys for them to take to get to the end with full understanding and confidence.


3. Leave your audience wanting more

Game of Thrones Fans have reported feeling empty now that the season has ended and begging for more. Well we’ve got some great tips on how to do this in your business… but we are going to leave you begging for more!

So, what’s the takeaway message?

Don’t rush your customers, understand your customers, understand how they operate and what feels comfortable for them. Take your audience or customers on the journey, give them the information they seek in an easy to understand but clever format.

Knowing what you offer shouldn’t be difficult for your customers, if it’s too hard or too boring they won’t be customers. Leave your customers wanting more not pleading for less.

And of course, if your marketing strategy is a little off kilter or isn’t performing like it should then come see us.

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