Landing pages that attract customers, as simple as bees to honey


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Landing pages that attract customers, as simple as bees to honey

So, you’ve got a valuable offer to give to your clients. A landing page would be a perfect tool to help communicate this offer in return for your customers details.  Creating a successful landing page should be as simple as attracting bees to honey.

Imagine the bee is your customer, the honey is your product - and the hive? Well that’s your landing page! A landing page is simply a designated webpage that has a specific purpose.

Just imagine that as the bees enter the hive, they must enter their details to get access to the honey. Remember, the hive is the landing page. Your landing page’s purpose is to obtain details from everyone (every bee) that wants the honey or whatever you are offering.

Your hive (Landing Page) should have a few features to help you obtain these precious details.

1. Don’t confuse the bees when they get to the HIVE

How you get people to your landing page is a whole different topic but when you get people to your hive, do this: Limit the navigation, make it easy for the bees to understand what your offer is. Help them focus on filling the form out. Once they fill the form out then presto, they get access to the honey and you get the valuable details of that bee!

2. Quality honey attracts quality bees

If you have a valuable offer, your bees (visitors) will give up their contact information in exchange for your offer if it is of quality and value to them.

3. Are you serving peanut butter to bees?

Make sure your serving an offer that is compelling to your audience. Make sure it is what they want, what they desire!

It should be as simple as attracting Bees to honey. Landing pages can be tricky, but that’s why you have beekeepers like us! Let’s work together to help you get swarms of bees begging to enter your hive!

P.s If we have a beekeeper contact us after this we will be stoked.

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