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Capability Statements

Are you applying for tenders and finding you’re not getting noticed? Perhaps you’re not sure where to start with your application? Or you may not be entirely sure what a Capability Statement is and how it fits in with you tender application?
dms CREATiVE can help.

What is a Capability Statement?

Capability Statements include elements about your business such as core competencies, past performances, differentiators, corporate data and contact information. They are a proactive tool used as a quick reference for companies when reading through your tender application.

But hang on, what’s a tender application?

A tender application is an often complex process to be in the running for a big project coming to your region. It’s a way of a corporation assessing the best supplier for a job and if you don’t present the right documentation in your tender application you may not get noticed. Read more about tender documents/applications HERE.

Is a capability statement really necessary?

A capability statement is a quick, easy and impressionable way of explaining who you are. You can submit a tender application without one, but it may mean you will not get noticed. All materials you prepare need to reflect the professionalism and skill of your team and quality of your products and services.

What is in a Capability Statement?

There are specific elements you need to consider with Capability Statements – you need to consider who you’re talking to and how best to connect with them. Our copywriters and marketing specialists can help to develop wording that is engaging and meets the requirements we know corporations are looking for when making tender decisions. Our graphic designers bring all the wording together in a visually appealing way.

Can’t I just write a Capability Statement myself?

You can definitely give it a go but remember, the wording needs to answer very specific questions that corporations are asking and convince a panel of decision makers. The artwork and graphic elements within your document need to be professional, eye-catching and reflect the quality you profess to offer.

dms CREATiVE can help.



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