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Sharon Rush

Sales Executive

black_arrow Position Summary

As dms CREATiVE’s Sales Executive, Sharon is responsible for negotiating, purchasing and monitoring advertising space and airtime on behalf of clients, with the aim of reaching the highest number of people in the target audience and achieving the best return on investment. Sharon works with clients to really listen to their needs and get results for their business.

blue_arrow Areas of expertise
• Market Positioning
• Strategic Advertising
• Media Knowledge
• Media Buying
• Client Service
black_arrow About SHARON
Sharon has almost 30 years’ experience working across a range of advertising media including newspaper, magazines, television, radio and billboards. Sharon maximises the value of advertising by building strong relationships with her clients and media outlets, and putting to use her talent for knowing the best “media mix” to get client messages to the target audience efficiently and effectively. Sharon listens to her clients and works with them to provide tailored, affordable, creative and proven media solutions that deliver tangible results and value for money.

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