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The Story

dms CREATiVE was formerly known as Downs Media Services and was established in 1983 as a publishing and editorial business. Over time, Downs Media Services continued to grow and specialise in graphic design, advertising and marketing.

In April 2008, Downs Media Services acquired long-standing Toowoomba advertising agency, The ASF Group. This merger allowed the addition of other specialties including copywriting and media planning & placement.

In 2010, the name Downs Media Services was changed to dms CREATiVE to better reflect the offering of creative graphic design, advertising and strategic marketing solutions.

The marketing industry is dynamic and continually evolving. dms CREATiVE continues to be one of the leading advertising agencies and creative design studios in Toowoomba and has stayed relevant over the last 30 years by evolving its product offering and areas of speciality. One thing has remained unchanged. Our commitment to helping our customers to attract more customers and sell more product.

If you would like to read about why we changed our name and some other interesting facts, click here to download the story.


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